Welcome to CQ Interactive Demo.

The ideal way to use this site is to start at the top with the math drills and work your way down to the interactive cases and beyond. This site was built to supplement the strategies and skills you learned while reading Case in Point.

If your interview is in the next couple of days I'd focus on the math drills, the Ivy Case Drills, the market-sizing cases and the interactive cases. I'd spend some time in the chart section, particularly the chart analysis section. Read Case in Point and focus not only on the Ivy Case System but also on the cases in the back of the book. The more cases you read the better, because it builds up an archive in the back of your mind and you can refer to those cases when trying to develop a structure for the one you were just given.

Your job search is just as important as your classes. Next year you're not going to care whether you received an A or a B in your classes, but you are going to care where you go to work everyday. Over the years I've seen far too many students blow their interview because they focused solely on class work and tried to "wing" the case interview. You are applying for a life-changing job. This is a rare and unique opportunity that will make a huge difference in your career over the next decade.

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